Custom Products

Our expert team can craft a customized product with a distinct flavor profile and formula that aligns perfectly with your brand or match your existing formula. We leverage the latest trends, culinary inspirations and sensory expertise.

Makowski’s Real Sausage has co-packed products since the 1970′s.  We have the availbility to package for either retail or foodservice.  We can manufacture pork, beef, poultry, game, and veal. 

Let us demonstrate how our know-how can contribute to your product's success.

You can learn more about our products here.

Quality Assurance

We believe in building predictive quality into our process by having all team members in our organization being accountable for quality and food safety.

We accomplish this by assuring that our people have the right tools and training to make them successful in their jobs.

We’ve earned a reputation for food safety, quality and innovation that’s supported by numerous procedures, rewards and certifications including:

 •  Third party food safety audits.

•   Training for each employee in the principals of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) to ensure the safety of all products produced in our facility.

 •  USDA food safety inspected.

 •  Robust environmental, in process and finished product monitoring programs to assure food safety and plant hygiene.

Service & Support

From concept to integration, we offer proven expertise and unrelenting support for companies large and small. We pride ourselves in providing turnkey customer service by:

 •  Adhering to the most precise product specifications, from shape and form, to ingredients, appearance and packaging

 •  Vigilantly monitoring product quality, safety and security with procedures that meet or exceed industry standards

 •  Guarding confidential information at all phases of the development and production process

 •  Paying attention to every detail and acting quickly with reliable, responsive service

 •  Delivering shipments on time